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So last night I was talking,
no 'chatting',
with a particular brother of mine.
This particular brother
informed me that he has not
appeared on my blog recently
and I got the hint that he thinks that should change
(Did I also mention that 
he told me he would have been more
excited chatting with Justin Bieber than his dear sister?!)

So today's post is about Travis

Travis Howard Smid
born June 6, 1989

Travis is someone I look up to.
He hovers over me with at least 7 inches.
That is okay with me though,
because his armpit makes the perfect holding place
for my shoulder.
We "fit together" 
don't we Trav?

My lap makes a good pillow for Trav
during hockey games
And he gives the best head rubs.
Not to scratchy with his nails,
and not to 'rubby' to cause friction.

Travis is calm and collected
Incredibly smart and always seems to
have something wise to say.
He;'s a lot like his dad that way.
His sense of humour is 
great because I never know if
he is just teasing me
or being totally serious
(ie: Justin Bieber comment)

Travis takes amazing pictures.
My favourites so far are the ones 
that he took at a thrift/antique shop in Kamloops.
Even though he's good,
I don't think Travis would ever brag about that.
He doesn't seem to like the lime light,
which we have in common.

His love language is gifts
(I am pretty sure)
And he gave me his lap top.
That is pretty special 
When I go to use it (everyday)
and I open it up I see "The Shins"
sticker he put on it and I think of him.

Each summer he comes home
My heart sings.
I LOVED spending this last summer
with you Travis,
and the one before that.
Beach day with you and Tyler was a fun day for me.

Did I tell you that I think Travis is brave,
and adventurous? 
He went to England to go to school last fall.
Before that, he traveled Europe
Now, I like shopping by myself,
but I am glad I had a big strong Spencer
with me when I went to Europe.

Spencer is a pretty even mix of his brothers,
I think.
When Tyler was here a couple weeks ago
it freaked me out a little how similar they are.
But I also see a lot of Travis in Spencer too.
They are not quick to speak
They are deep thinkers
I like to think of it
the way Donkey does, from Skrek.
They are like an onion.
There are so many layers
and you have to peel each layer back
to get to the heart of it.

Travis, your company is something 
I look forward to.
One of my favourite things is 
listening to you sing and play the guitar.
I always wonder what song you are learning next.
Whatever I am doing,
I like to hear the sound of you playing drift 
in from whatever room you are in.

I feel so blessed to have so many brothers,
and I am blessed that one of them is you.

(I added that last SUPER CHEESY bit because I knew you'd just love it.)

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