What A Week!

What an awesome week.
Monday night I had two visitors
arrive on my door step.
Two cute little squirrels
sleep in my beds.
Two amazing friends
to cuddle with and explore with.

From the time they entered
to the time we left,
it was a whirl wind.
A fantastic whirl wind.

Part of me felt bad that Spencer
was in school and studying.
But watching the way he
changed having his brother there
took away that little bit of pity.
Just knowing that Tyler was there
and just knowing that I had
people to socialize with
made Spencer seem more relaxed.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures
to post today. My camera card is acting up
and the other picutres are on
Tyler and Angela's cameras.
So as soon as I get my grimey
little mitts on some pictures,
I will post them.

The week went by so fast
and I feel so rejuvinated
having socialized with
people I love, Canadians.
Tuesday we explored downtown.
Went into little shops,
walked by the river.
Ate from the Food Carts
(where we sampled, Greek, American and Chinese cuisine)
and took in the sights.

Wednesday we explored
downtown a little bit more.
Then took in some dinner
and drinks at a tres cool
bar called McMenamins.
The one we went to is
called the Kennedy School.
We ate in the cafeteria,
then continued our evening in
the boiler room.
(Where I must add the girls
{thanks to Angela} WHOOPED
the boys in Shuffle Board)
Then attempted (I attempted)
to play a round of pool
and got schooled (pun intended.)

Thursday we were a bit
tired but we headed south of
Portland to the Woodburn Outlet mall.
Ty scored some awesome deals there.
If you've never been,
make sure you go (after visiting us, of course).
That afternoon we went to
Powell's Books.
A sweet shop, I could waste
so much time there.
I even found a book called
Spenser Goes To Portland.

So, as you can see, it was a
really great whirlwind.
Spencer loved hanging out
with his brother,
Loved that he could take Ty
to his Gross Anatomy class,
play ball and smoke cigars.
I loved having company in general.

I hope they come back.
More good times are in store.

Now I am going through
some MAJOR withdrawal.

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