Some Pictures Fo' You

A cup of coffee to set off the day right...

There isn't a picture of the car, but it was filled to the rafters as well.
Everything we own, all waiting to go.

8:38 am, in Blaine Washington

Setting up shop! 
Howard is putting together a shelving unit for out storage room.

Spencer putting wooden bars in our windows.
Safe and secure - thanks babe!

Our Craigslist deal.
Solid oak table and chairs - $100

Piles of boxes still standing around, waiting to be unpacked.
But we've got the TV set up to watch Glee!

We took a trip to a fabric store called Cool Cottons
where she carried a large assortment of Favourite Things!

It was fun to see the Gladmans, especially sweet Amy, on the packages in the shop!

The store was visually pleasing to the eye in many ways!
So many fun colours of thread and really great fabrics!

Once my place is tidier and more organized,
I will post more pictures. 


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