A Not So Typical Saturday Afternoon

Can you believe it? Yesterday there was snow on the Chief.
On a walk down to the Village to take a look at the Porsche's
Doesn't this look like fun?
Later Howard, Diane, Spencer and I drove up to Adams Lake to have dinner with a friend of theirs.
We stopped off at this little country church. It even had a wood burning stove in the centre.
Diane playing the pump organ and Spencer...planning his next sermon?
See the mouse droppings and dead flies (don't forget the droopy flower in the vase)
Ken's cabin had equal amounts of character and charm.
I just loved it.
Ken and Diane preparing dinner.
Ken cooked a roast in a wood burning stove.
Not a bad kitchen window view, eh?
{ these photos of the guys are borrowed from Diane. }
Apparently this old chair has held a lot of bums.
The dinner was yummy and the red jello for dessert was good too. What a beautiful corner of the world.

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