From Here On Out...

Friday was my last day at work. It seems that it went by really, really fast.
It was harder then I thought, and the day was very bitter sweet.
Thursday night the girls from work took me out to dinner at Brown Social House, which is a new restaraunt in Tsawwassen.
The evening was really lovely.
I didn't know people gave going away presents - but I'm not complaining!
From Vicki, Daryle and Evelyn I got Christmas decorations (they know me well!),
wine from a local Winery which I am excited to try this evening at dinner.
They also gave me some of Evelyn's homemade chocolate truffles. Mmm...

Friday we had a BBQ (Mo is pictures below with a "corn hair moustache". I am going to miss her!)
They also got a razberry chocolate torte for dessert.
I felt so loved.
The girls (Mo, Caroline, Sue and Jeanne) also went together and bought me a
very special gift.
I was surprised and very touched at the gift.
They carefully thought out the perfect farewell, and I must say they did a very good job.
They chose a Pandora charm bracelet made of silver,
and chose a very special charm to put on it.
The charm they chose for me is called Journey, which is so appropriate.
Somethimes they are bumps along the way, but it will be a smooth journey.

And I know it will.

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