Rustic Charm or Classy With White

Perhaps it was the chilly weekend
Or maybe the cinnamon nutmeg oatmal for lunch
That catapulted me into the fall season.

I know it is the middle of August
I know that today it is tank top and shorts weather
I know that in one week I will be sweating in the Mexican heat

But with all the back to school ads
The orange leaves that are beginning to adorn the trees
And the shops carrying plaid, boots and really cute jeans






(It IS my favourite season, after all.)

Okay? So, with fall colours on my mind,
so is rustic charm
A month ago I was so sure that when we moved our house would be
a whimsical white
"Embrace those white walls!" I told myself.
Add little touches and flourishes of colour here and there

Now, I am beginning to doubt.
The rustic charm is getting to me.
Reds, browns and deep hues of blue are calling my name.
I think I will keep our bedroom light and fresh with a white and black theme
But the living room and kitchen will have rich colours
To make it warm and welcoming.

Here are some of my inspirations and reasoning for my fall-dreaming:

Okay, so not so much THIS outfit, but I do love cable knit!
Who doesn't love camping? Is there anything better?
And when it's a little cold, it's a good excuse to cuddle!
I love the equestrian touches
Love the flowers and greenery
These hardwood floors make my heart pitter patter
I love the idea of using mason jars as storage in the kitchen.
Rice, beans, lentils, flowers, bottle caps from beer, etc!

I found a cute denim dress and brown belt. I love the look.
Doesn't it look warm and cozy?

 { What is inspring you right now? }

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  1. Seriously, I love all of these! (Except the "bathing suit inspired" knitted piece...haha). I am also torn between decorating styles...


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