Long Overdue

So sorry you guys!
It's been a week since I've blogged.
I have a few saved in my drafts, but let's face it.
That doesn't count.

I'm back
and I don't have any excuses

Spencer and I are leaving this Saturday for our cruise!
Then I really will have an excuse for not blogging

This past weekend Spencer and I went up to Sunpeaks
and this time Edolbina joined us!
It was great fun and really relaxing too
The smoke was quite thick Friday and Saturday
But Sunday morning it rained (Hallelujah!)
and it cleared up

Here are some photos (unedited) from our Saturday hikes
One in the AM with Howard,Diane, Spencer, Edol and I
And one in the PM Edol, Spencer and I

One of the Bike trails


hazy from the smoke

a nice walk

vibrant flowers

God's creation

Beautiful meadows

Our place is in the bottom left hand corner

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