G.N.O. Round 2

Remember g.n.o. round 1?

Where the girls went to stay at the Hotel Vancouver to celebrate Edolbina getting married?

And remember how I promised to post the rest of the pictures?

Sorry they are a little late 

(you know, since the wedding is over now)

Well, here they are!

Thanks to Jessi for posting them on Facebook so I can "steal" them for my blog!

For some reason, Edolbina found this store "Rock Shop" really funny.

Don't ask why, but for some reason, we let that late night pizza craving get the best of us.
We went to this really shady, and somehow really busy, buck-a-slice pizza place.
The pizza wasn't too bad, but I am sure that if the Food Inspector stopped by
The place would've been shut down pretty fast!

As we were walking back to our hotel there was this huge tree that had fallen in the middle of the street!

Edol with her Matron of Honour, Sandy

A cool lookin' door 

The next morning.
I made cinnamon buns for breakfast!

Crawling out the window to take pictures in the court yard

The fab five attempt a jumping picture!

Hangin' with a Cherub

The facial expressions in the jumping photos are priceless.
Thank goodness for self timers!

And finally, a nice picture of the six of us.

Kind of fun to relive that weekend! It feels like so long ago now, but it was soooo much fun!

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