g.n.o. (girls night out)

*Edolbina's getting married!*
*To celebrate the momentous occasion the girls headed downtown for a night out*
*We stayed at the luxurious Hotel Vancouver, ate Thai food, rented tandem bikes and rode them around the sea wall, went hot tubbing, people watched, took silly pictures, took more silly pictures and do what girls do best - got dressed up and went out for martinis*
Jessi and I posing for a picture with our complimentary (*to borrow*)Fairmont umbrellas
Doggy pile! (*DON'T TOUCH THE HAIR!)
A fun picture in a cool tree in Stanley Park
Getting ready to go out.
Taking as many pictures as possible. It's not often the 5 of us are together!
Under the protection of our umbrella
More goofing around. It's what we do best.
Silly photo shoots in the mirrored elevator
There were many more pictures taken. Some fun ones in the courtyard with the city buildings as our backdrop, and some of us on the bikes and at Stanley Park. They will come as soon as Jessi posts them on Facebook.
What a fun night it was. Edol was surprised that we were all there, that we had the hotel, that she could make any request and have us all eager to please, and that her Maid of Honor Sandi showed up later in the evening (we told Edol that she wasn't coming).
It is not often that all five of us (Michelle B, Edolbina, Jessi, Angela and I, fondly referred to as the "Fab Five") are all together. So many things prevent us from being together (school, work, living in different cities, world travellers, etc.) However last weekend we were all able to be together for Michelle's birthday, this weekend for Edol and tomorrow (hopefully) to prepare for the wedding.
I am so blessed to have these girls. It felt so good for us to be together, being silly, catching up on our lives, taking photos, celebrating Edol, dressing up, spending the night together and waking up together. I hope we can do this more often!

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  1. you girls are all so fabulous - can't wait to hear about the wedding!


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