The Summer In Photos So Far

The last weekend in June Spencer and I went to Seattle to visit the Wilcox's and meet Graci.
The big red bow in Coco's hair we got for her. One of those "I HAVE to buy this!" purchases...
She is also holding the monkey, named Monkey, we got for "Gaysee"

A walk to the park, or in Graci's case, a push to the park.

This picture makes me laugh because it reminds me of one of those old, old family portraits where nobody is smiling.

You'd think we were torturing her...

We met James and Nicole for dinner at the Olive Garden.
We were having so much fun that we didn't want to leave each other and continued our double date across the street to Starbucks.

On Canada Day we walked up to Diefenbaker Park to meet the Kroeker's for some Canada Day fun.

For the July long weekend we went camping with the Wiebe's. We found an awesome site along the river just past Hope. It was really relaxing and we had a great time.

Here Edol and Andrew are making us a Paraguayan meal called Geiso.
It is made in this large cast iron pot and cooked over the fire.

The next two photos sums up the weekend:
reading and Yerbe Matte (for the Wiebe's, coffee for us.)


  1. Funny pics, Michelle! Thanks for sharing them, on behalf of the Auntie!

  2. The 'torture' picture makes me smile because when we were there we looked at a picture similar to this one on the computer and she was very excited to tell us about 'Pencer and Shell'! Sooo... she really does love you both!


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