Catching Up

Thank you for all the comments on my past blog posts!
As you may have noticed, I haven't been on in a while
So I was pleased to sign in and see all of the remarks.
Keem 'em comin'!


The past while has been a bit crazy
Doing lots and just trying to be better at being me
As you may have read in one of my previous posts about Sunpeaks
I mentioned how I have been really lacking in the department
resting, thinking and yada yada yada
{*has anyone seen that Seinfeld episode?! Yada yada yada...*}

I have been going through some things that have made me realize
I really need to take care of myself
To take the time to journal, read a book, create
Meditate on God' word more often
Drink tea and play Farkle
If I need to take a nap, take a nap!
If I need to go to bed at 8 30,
go to bed!
Get out and ride my bike
Feel the sun on my face
Give all the glory to our God who deserves it
Speak kind words


I'm working on it
I'm far from being there
But ya gotta start somewhere, right?


Spencer and I are getting excited for our move
It is coming closer and becoming more tangible
We have applied to an apartment
We are going to send in our papers for new passports
And enjoying our summer


There are times when I think
"Man, I'm going to miss this."
I love my community, it's really grown on me!
The Ladner Market is a summer highlight,
Driving to work and seeing Brian every morning
Going to Safeway and seeing at least one person I know
Riding my bike and meeting friends at the playground!
Chatting with our neighbours
The list could go on....


At the same time I am so excited for a new community
New experiences
New markets
New neigbours
New friends
New, new, new!
 My perspective on the "unknown" has gone from scary
to only a little bit scary!


How do you feel about change and new possibilities?


  1. when change means you and Spence moving it makes me a little sad, but new possiblities for you two make it very exciting. Momma d

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