I Think I Might Be Addicted, Someone Help!

Lisa, Diane, I know you can relate
Can anyone else?
Reading blogs is highly addictive
I daily check through the list of blogs that I have along the side of my page
I laugh
Bookmark interesting links
I save pictures that inspire me
Often times Sarah Markley makes me cry

I have come to discover it is a true problem
When one begins to dream of the people 
whose blogs one reads.


Last night Sarah Markley, her husband Chad,
Lisa Leonard and her little guy David were all in my dream.


I won't go into details
As many (or some, or none of you at all)
Know how obscure my dreams are.
It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
meets another Tim Burton film.
(*Think whimsical colours with a very odd storyline*)


I know I am a true addict
I am
to give it up.


However, if one of you has developed a
7-step program for blogger addicts
I would consider piloting it.


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