45 Days Left

Today I told my manager what my last day of employment will be.
Kind of exciting, as this brings us a baby step forward to our move
Mostly sad, as I have really loved my job

Since there are 45 days left,
Here are 45 things I love and will miss about my job

1. Location - a hop, skip and a jump away
2. Krystle's dolphin noises
3. Walking through Beach Grove on a hot day
4. A crappy cup of coffee in the morning. Tastes gross, but made with love
5. The cook books and recipes passed amung us coworkers
6. Jason by my side, asking a million questions
7. Jeremy's dance moves
8. Going to collect bottles with Jason from Howard and Diane
("Oogee Wa Wa" is forever in my mind)
9. Pushing Kent up a giant hill and having him laugh at the sounds of my panting
10. Little Jason who comes to drop off Krystle. Practicing his manners by greeting each of us.
11. Picking berries at Emma Lea Farms
12. Going to Bear Creek Park
13. Picnics at Deas Island
14. Visiting with Evelyn Wednesday and Friday mornings
15. Emailing Whitney while she is also at her desk
16. Music at Ladner Connections with Daryle
17. Watching Russell swing to the music
18. Reminding Richard that we did not go to highschool together, but I'm sure that food fight he keeps talking about was awesome
19. Bouncy Bounces for Jenny
20. Apples from Krystle's tree
21. Trying Mo's odd snack foods she seems to find. I have thrown up from them more then once.
22. The smell of sunscreen will always remind me of summer morning at T.C.
23. I will always associate "Geese" with going outside
24. Dancing with grumpy ladies 3 times my age to "Rain drops are fallin' on my head"
25. Jeanne's stories
26. Mo's laugh
27. The constant hunt for Gluten-Free food
28. The way Paul calls me "Hair", like his sister
29. Hearing stories of dear Juliet, from GrandMo
30. Susan's energy for life
31. The way Krystle loves herself and looks at herself in the mirror with such joy, is a message to women worldwide
32. Taking the group on the Canada Line to experience the Olympic Games
33. The joy J has when he comes into the program every morning is encouraging
34. Working beside Brian's auto means I get to take our work vehicles to Brian's shop for him or Bob, or one of the other guys to fix. It also means a wave on the street as we pass by.
35. Going home for a quick lunch.
36. Swimming with Krystle
37. Meeting new people, almost every day
38. Learning the value and importance of community
39. Getting to work with friends and seeing people I know regularely
40. Caring for others in ways they cannot do for themselves
41. Advocating for those who do not have a voice
42. The opportunity to teach
43. The opportunity to lead
44. Learning to communicate on a whole different level
45. Working in a place where bringing joy to someone's life is your job description

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  1. You will be so missed. What a blessing you have been to all those you have worked with. Let the new adventures begin. You are loved.


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