Summer? Are You Here?


Hello, Sun?
Will you keep me warm if I visit the beach?
Will you kiss my skin if I show it a little?


Man, the weeks sure are flying by!
Matt and Lauren get married in 5 weeks and 3 days.
It is coming up so quickly!

Also, did you know?
Spencer and I are Heathans
{Heathan: unreligous, uncultured, or uncivilized person.}
We haven't been to church in weeks!
Sorry Steve!
Between weddings, stag/uettes, exams, Seattle visits, etc.
We just haven't been.
Life has been F-U-L-L!
Full of fun, mind you, but full.


And then this weekend we are camping.
Perhaps I will prepare a sermon and present it.
Spencer can lead worship on guitar by the fire.

Are you scared?

I would be.


Looking forward to:
Smelling like camp fire
Playing cards in sweats and oversized hoodies
Sleeping in a tent
Fresh mountain air
Poking the fire and staring at it for hours


What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Michelle! I'm relieved to hear that you've been sharing in our heathenistic ways! I think we've been ONCE since Travis was born! (He's ELEVEN weeks old!!!) Between surgeries, weddings, etc it's been CHAOS. We'll be there the next 2 weeks and then gone camping for 2 Sundays! Yikes!

  2. your a week behind in the wedding countdown. just thought i would let you know. hehe its actually 4 weeks and one day now. =)


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