New Finds and Exploration

While reading the blog Unruly Things I came across
this page about a sale in Portland
A market - how fun.
I just so happen to love markets

The author of the Unruly Things blog will be there with a booth
Along with other artisans from the USA
It is held in November
I might have to pop by
Take a gander
And pretend to buy things from these amazing vendors

I'm sure they love those types of shoppers
The ones who come and look for hours
Try things on
Ask questions about their particular craft
Then smile
and leave

They can probably sense us non-consumers from miles away
But perhaps I will be new enough to the student lifestyle
That I can still have the aura of an Average Joe consumer
That just is merely lingering and scouting out that perfect purchase

I'll have to practice,  I guess

(It's too late at night to even try and make any sense)

Practice the art of not-shopping?
Spencer, did you ever think you'd see the day?!
And, by the way, not-shopping is an art
So much of an art, that I considered having my own booth at this market
Kind of like AA for those who are recovering (forced {like me} or not) from former (or current) shopping addictions
(malls, online, markets, shoes, clothes, bags or otherwise)

Either way I am looking forward to browsing at this market.

I also came across this blog
I am guessing from the title it is just a holiday thing
This blog was last dated November 2009
I am hoping that it happens again this year


So that I can pretend to shop


  1. I think I need to visit you when this is on!

  2. Yay - November - how perfect Mich!
    hopefully between the 11th - 14th :)


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