Our Next Holiday

Republic of Maldives, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty-six atolls stretching in a north-south direction off India's Lakshadweep islands, between Minicoy Island and Chagos Archipelago. It stands in the Laccadive Sea, about seven hundred kilometres (435 mi) south-west of Sri Lanka.

Our next vacation will be to Maldives.
(Should this have gone with the In My Dreams post?!)

It is somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the Indian Ocean.

Spencer just called me and told me to "Google" the Maldives.
Someone in his Healthy Heart program is going.

Must be nice.

The small chain of islands is on a coral reef and consists of many resorts.

All of these villas branch off piers

Nice, right?

Sleeping and eating under water?


(I get the "Heeby Jeebies" just looking at these pictures)

Massage ON the water.

The Shangi-La

Spa at the Hilton

Since we always seem to vacation with other people
(not that its a bad thing!!!)

This seems kind of like a Honeymoon destination.
Maybe we could go just the two of us.

Happy Dreaming 


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm with you on the sleeping under water thing - NO THANK YOU! haha. What if the glass cracked?! What if a shark swam by? crazy. Also, I love the new song you put up! love you, Miguel.

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