When You Visit (In My Dreams)

One day, in the future, when you come to visit me

you may bathe in my dream tub

and if you'd like, brush your hair while looking into my dream mirror and sitting at my dream vanity

If you'd rather bathe in the guest tub, feel free. 
Then sit in these cute chairs to towel off.

Afterwards, join me in my dream nook, to read and enjoy a cup of tea

These are the rooms my children will they their dreamy little heads

*Now the question is: Will we have that many children, or multiple rooms for 1 child? 
Did you notice three nurseries?*

When you come visit me, you can sleep in this dreamy room.
On that dreamy bed.
And keep your clothes in that dreamy wardrobe.

Bring your swim suits (not optional) and swim in the dreamy pool we will have, one day, in our dreamy backyard.

Don't be fooled.
Although it looks like somewhere in California,
it's not.

The actual location of our dreamy pool is somewhere in the Lower Mainland.

And one day, you can rest under this tree in front of my dream home.

Now close your eyes
and drift off
Into my dream land with me
Where all of these things and places are

My dream world is really quite nice, isn't it?

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  1. I can't wait to visit your dream home one day...I heart that nook! Love all the inspiration!


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