It Came A Bit Earlier This Year... Earlier Then Expected

I hate to do this to you friends
I really, really do.
I will do my best to keep it inside,
only break it out when I'm alone.

It's come again.
Earlier this year then last.
July 9th of last year, you may remember this blog.

I'll give you a moment to review it.



Are you still with me?
Do you think I'm nutty?
So does my husband.

On Friday I took a 50 minute drive to Port Kells to drop off our work van to be repaired.
And what did I catch myself singing (at the top of my lungs)?

Yes, Silver Bells!
You know how it goes-
"City sidewalks, busy sidewalks,
dressed in holiday style.
In the air there's a feeling of Christmas"

Well, the drizzling rain and looming black clouds overhead certainly added to the feeling of winter.

I must have looked like a fool,
driving down Highway 99 in my short bus singing Christmas carols.

All is well friends.
All is well.
I can laugh at myself 
And I don't mind sharing this story with you,
if it means that you will laugh too.

Or crack a smile.

Even if it is in my expense.

So for the time being
Merry Christmas

in 195 sleeps

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