Ger-MAN-ee, As Larry Would Say

Don't know what is about today, but I have an urge to get on a plane and take Spencer back to Germany to celebrate his birthday.
Take a walk along the streets, grab a Donair and maybe stop at the Eis Cafe for some birthday ice cream.
It has almost been two years since we've been there.
Maybe it's Sandy Shuman and Doris Frank's pictures on their blog that constantly give me that bit of heartache to go back to Germany.
Or maybe it's because it's in my blood. My grandpa used to call it the "Motherland". Ha!
The rolling hills, the blossoms, church bells ringing, open air markets and good friends... Spencer has promised to take me back there at Christmas one year so I can experience it.

Doris, I could go for some of those ribs again. Do you think they'd be as good once they've been Fed Ex'd to Canada?

Or a fresh piece of Black Forest cake with enough alcohol to make ya drunk.

For now, I will live through Doris and Sandee's blogs.
We will be back soon enough.

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