Summer is Near

The smell of summer is in the air

You know that familiar smell - fresh, clean.

The smell of fresh cut grass.

A steak cooking on the BBQ

The smell of the lilacs in bloom.

The smell of dirt, good soil.

The breeze carries the salt from the ocean that tingles my nose.

Sunscreen lotion and Hawaiian Tropic that brings memories of lazy days on the beach.

The hum of the bees and lawn mowers hang in the evening air

Garden sprinklers showering their love on the green grass

Children laughing and the squeak of the springs on the trampoline

Motorbikes and convertibles whizzing by

The silence on the back patio, sipping cold iced tea and reading a good book

The warmth of sun on your face

Or how about the tingling burn from too long in the sun

The cool breeze from the water that offers that little break

The feeling of sticky sunscreen, or perhaps sticky aloe vera gel that protects or soothes

Light cotten that just hangs to cover just enough skin to be modest

Purposely walking into the neighbour's sprinkler to get a quick cool down

The taste of butter on corn

Hot dogs slightly charred from the fire

Or burgers fresh of the grill

Fresh berries from the farmer

And juicy fruit from a foreign country

Crunchy carrots and plump tomatoes from the garden

And maybe fresh cilantro for your fresh salsa

Summer is almost here

What are your favourite things about summer?

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