Happy Birthday Spencer

Happy 25th Birthday to my wonderful husband
25 Reasons Why Spencer is Great
1) His curls
2) His tender heart
3) He' smart
4) He is good with kids
5) He plays the guitar
6) His green eyes sparkle
7) He gives the best hugs
8) He is generous
9) He puts up with my Hanson obsession
10) He's considerate of others
11) He is driven
12) He enjoys good food
13) He doesn't make me feel bad when I burn our dinner
14) He can wear anything and look good in it
15) He is a good mentor
16) He was a cute baby
17) He is good to his friends
18) He is a good coach
19) He wants a family
20) He supports my love for Christmas and will even watch Christmas movies with me before December
21) He built me a home
22) He likes my family
23) He has good taste in music
24) He encourages me
25) He is positive
Happy Birthday Spencer. I love you so, so much!

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