Foodie Day

Looks like Diane beat me to the "Foodie Blog" today!
Today Diane and I visited Bosa Foods and Galloway's - two gourmet food shops.
It was so fun going up and down each aisle discovering and discussing potential ingredients for our next meal. Holding something up and saying "Do YOU know what this is?"
Or "Don't buy that, it's gross."
Or "You MUST buy that, it's delicous on crackers!"
We brainstormed over what you would do with black garlic,
or why would anyone spend $20 on this gadget?
Here are some finds from today:
1) Do you have any idea how expensive truffle oil is? Truffles are precious, and it's oil is expensive.
2) Black garlic. Do you think it makes your breath stink like white garlic does? Does this inspire you to try it in your next meal?

3) Stuffed olives of EVERY kind. I don't like olives, but if you do, this is the place for you.

4) A $5 bottle of sparkling lemonade. Tempted to buy it just because of the cool bottle but I couldn't justify it.

5) Buying mini ravioli because it's cute : priceless (or....$3.99)

Here is my dream, I'm going to share it with you -

Think gourmet foods, fresh baking, paninis and espresso...

Something whimsical, lots of white, icing sugar, baking tied with pretty bows, selling homemade granola, loaves of bread, hosting cooking classes...

That is my dream. A shop with all those things. One day, that would be really fun.

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