God Will Make A Way

At church we are going through the book of Ruth.
This morning's message spoke was about how Naomi (who had last her husband and sons)was feeling that God had abandoned her.
Her daughter-in-law, Ruth, returned home one day with enough food for one month. The food was given through the kindness of Boaz, who demonstrated the abundant grace of God.
All of the sudden she saw the Lord's blessing in her life.

She went from being hardened towards God, to overwhelmed with gratitude for His blessings.
There are times in our lives where we cannot actively see God working.
This does not mean that God is not present and pursuing us!
He is, as told in the story of Naomi and Ruth
He actively chases us, He has His hand in everything.
We seem to credit Him when things are going well.
"What a miracle"
"That was totally a God thing!"
Yet, when things aren't going so well for us,
we judge him.
We become bitter, cynical and let our faith waver.

Today's message made me think of the last year and a half.
From the first time Spencer applied and was denied for Physiotherapy school.
The time spent working and waiting for the next opportunity for him to apply again.

Then, this January, when that opportunity arose and we discovered the change of dates
for applications, we were so discouraged.
Through it all, we knew that God had a bigger plan for us.
But I must admit that it was a hard time.

Mom can attest to that! She was with us that night that I received phone call after phone call from a distraught Spencer telling me as he discovered each school had changed there application deadline (not by days, but by months.)

Mom, you being there with us that night meant so much to us.

We were so discouraged.

What is the purpose? What is the plan? Why are we in the dark?

Then, like a flashlight pouring it's light through the darkness
A path was revealed to us.
The light shone upon a new path.
One that, to our surprise, was not in Physio but in Chiropractics.

God is faithful. He has a plan.

Although that flashlight illuminates what it shines on, and not the rest,

it is that Light that we follow.

We don't need to see everything else that the darkness hides.

In time, light will shine on that too.

We trust, wait and follow our Light

knowing that in His perfect time

He will reveal His plan to us as necessary.

Like Ruth,

we are carrying home sacks of Barley (Blessings)

so large we can barely bear it!

And like Ruth, we receive these blessings each day.

Like Naomi we credit all good things to the Lord.

I hope we also give credit to the Lord on those not so good times as well.

"God Will Make A Way"

God will make a way/When there seems to be no way/He works in ways we cannot see/

He will make a way for me/He will be my guide/Hold me closely to His side/

With love and strength/For each new day/He will make a way/He will make a way

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