Being Lead and Learning to Trust

Lately, I have been living in a state of present and future. My body, well that is in the present. There isn't much I can do about that. My mind is in the future.
I HATE that.
I have always strived to live in the moment. Live in the now, take time to smell the roses.
It has taken so much effort for me to do that lately, and I can't stand it.
The move to Portland is so exciting. we are both anticipating this next phase in our life together. For some reason, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around what it will mean to move to another country and start over. There are so many details to figure out, and most will not even come together until we are there. September seems so far away in some ways, yet when I wrote the date (April 27) I realized it really isn't that far at all!
This is so great for Spencer and I to have this opportunity. We have always lived with/close to family. Such a blessing! At the same time, this is our release into the "Big Bad World". We won't have the opportunity to stop by for tea or drive out after church for family dinner. Man, I am going to miss that.
We also only have two friends that know us as "Spencer and Michelle". (Steve and Melissa)
All of our other friends have either known me first, or Spencer first.
Everyone we meet will know us first as Spencer and Michelle Smid. Kind of a cool thought.
How will we leave our impression?
This is something we will do together.
A unique situation where I will only have Spencer at first, and he only has me.
I don't have any other friends or family there, and he doesn't either.
In the middle of that , we both are learning COMPLETE reliance on God!
He has shown us what it is like to wait patiently, and He blessed us!
We have taken a totally different turn.
We went from thinking there is a possibility of moving to Australia to study Physiotherapy,
to moving only 5 hours south to study Chiropractics.
Our God is a good, good God.
Sometimes He will bring us to the eleventh hour.
Although I don't know why, I am learning to trust Him, totally.
Trust that Spencer will manage school and marriage and friends and family.
Trust that we will find a church, and make friends.
Trust that I will find some form of income.
Trust that we will find a home suitable for us.
Trust that all of the details will come together to make the move smooth.
He knows what will happen come September.
He knows what October 1st, 2010 looks like on the day of orientation,
and 3 days later on the first day of classes.
He knows my future employer and what that will look like.
He knows Spencer's grade on his first test,
and He knows his first place of employment as Dr. Smid.
He knows.
It's comforting.
For now we are climbing our way through the spring and summer
(Literally climbing over things. You should see our yard! Big things are happening. Piles of sand, trenches along the driveway, boards that lead from the entrance to the main floor...)
We are bending, twisting, and being flexible as God leads us through this course.
We can't see what's around the corner, but we know the Guy that's leading us, so its okay.


  1. We are so excited for you both. God is a good good God and he has a plan for your family, it will be so wonderful to watch it unfold.
    I am thankful for email, inexpensive phone calls and cars that will take us the 5 hour trip.
    You are so loved!


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