Bold and Beautiful

Now I know that Hollywood is not ideal. I know it can be an illusion of lifestyles unattainable to the average North American.
However, there are three women I admire in Hollywood. Three women who exude confidence, are beautiful and appear to be comfortable in their own skin.
I am sure, like all of us, they didn't start out that way. Especially working in a business where it is skin deep.
Here are some totally cool girls over 50.
Jaime Lee Curtis.
Cool factor: she's bold
Here she is with her daughter in an add for the GAP
Taking a BOLD step with this outfit and totally pulling it off

Jaime looks hot with this super cute Pixie cut

Playing Nora Krank in Christmas with the KranksMy all time favourite actress: Diane Keaton
Cool factor: besides dating weido Woody Allen and Jack Nicholson, she has the coolest style ever
Pictured here with Woody. She was/is so confident in her clothes.
Here to, who else could pull this off? Nobody but Diane.

And here she is with my next leading lady, Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep
cool factor: raw talent and just going for it

As an actress, does anyone top Meryl? Her collection of Oscars proves it

Confidence, beauty, radiating her womanhood.

***Thanks for the comments on the last posts. It was encouraging.***

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  1. you're so right - these three women are wonderful! I wish I could meet up with any one of them and pick their brain for a few hours over coffee... sigh...


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