Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon
Most importantly, it is approximatly 486 km, depending on where you live. It takes 4 hours and 45 minutes, or it says 5 hours and 50 minutes if traffic is bad. So, really its not that bad, right?

Portland is the 29th most populous in the United States of America. It is located where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet, in the state of Oregon.

Oregon is located south of B.C, below Washington state.

It is considered the most "green" city in the States, second in the world. (No pressure.)

Portland was incorporated in 1851 and is part of Multnomah County.

Portland is known for its large number of microbreweries and microdistilleries. Which is kind of cool. It is also fondly called the "City of Roses" known for its temperate climate, ideal for growing roses. There are many rose gardens in Portland.

Another not-so-interesting fact that I found disturbing is that Portland has more strip clubs per capita then San Fransico or Las Vegas. Thanks to the Henry vs. Oregon Consitution 1987, full nudity and lap dances are considered protected speech. There is also a "World Naked Bike Ride" which is apparently a well-established tradition in Portland. (According to Wikipedia.)

Given that this city is the "greenest" and also has things like naked bike riding as traditions... my new circle of friends may be very interesting people (with very interesting kids perhaps?). I'm sure going to miss you Noah...

So if you want to learn how to recycle, how to be comfortable in your own skin, and how to tye dye, come see us in Portland!

Above is my potential neighbour in Portland.

On the right, well these would be your neighbours if you lived in Yaletown.

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