G'Bye Baby

Remember when we got Stella 13 months ago? She was so sweet and cuddly.

Well Stella grew a little and became Pacer. Remember that horrific discovery?
Well, when Pacer grew up he became quite grumpy. He may have had traumatic self dsicvoery, perhaps a little brain damage (hmmm, I wonder how THAT happened?!) Either way, he grew up to be a true Mommy's-boy-and-I-hate-the-rest-of-the-world. Including Spencer, Pacer attacked at random. Guests were afraid to come over, even the poor people who simply knocked on the door (Jerry and Ray). Mom got a good battle wound, Edol would run for her dear life (which I think Pacer liked having that power over her) and both Dad and Howard had a few run-ins with him. In the spring, poor Keddi-Anne went to look after the cat and literally ran out the front door all scratched up. So Spencer and I made the very difficult decision to give Pacer away. We really wanted him to go to a friend. Jessi stepped up and took Pacer home. Jessi has had many cats and knows how to care for them. She also has a largr property for Pacer to roam. She said he is doing well.

As for me. I had a rought week after he left. Pictures would make me cry. You may be laughing at me, and go ahead. This cat was so loyal to me. He gave me the most enthusiastic greeting when I got home, provided me with cuddles (and I am NEEDY when it comes to cuddles) and slept with me.

I still hear "phantom" kitty meows. Its either the cat that hangs around here, the baby next door and me just missing Pacer.

This was our last photo taken together before he was taken away.


  1. awww, michelle. You're not silly for being sad... honestly, it's like losing a friend!(and I don't CARE what the boys have to say).
    Love you lots - and don't worry, Pacer still loves you too!

  2. i know how it feels to give an animal away...its so hard. its like losing a member of the family!!


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