A Lesson in Cat Anatomy

So last night Spencer and I had Tyler over, and two of our friends Angela (an old friend) and Taylor (a new friend). Taylor, who apparently is an expert in cat anatomy, approached me in the kitchen, holding our PRINCESS, Stella exposing her tummy to me baring 8 nipples, and- wait, and what is THAT?!?!?! It seems that over night our dear little PRINCESS had released, well, some precious jewels, so to speak. Making that once flat area, not so flat anymore. Taylor informs me bluntly "You're cat is a boy."

As you can imagine, I the horrified mother gasped. Spencer, the logical father, was not so quick to believe. He quickly went to the computer and in Google Images typed "cat anatomy", only to unveil the truth. Our dear little kitten, who's previous owners informed us was a female, is indeed a male.

This morning when our PRINCE jumped into our bed for some cuddles and playtime, I kept saying "she". I turned to Spencer and said "I kind of feel as though my world is crumbling." ANd he replied "me too." What a shock to find out your blue eyed princess, is indeed a prince.

Spencer thinks we should rename her, I am struggling with that. Not only have we been confused, but we have confused our little guy into believe he was a girl. Now we have to mess his world up more by changing his name to a more masculine one?!

What a traumatizing weekend for all three of us so far.

Now I have to manage with TWO men. Please pray for me.


  1. Oh nooo....

    Sully is always mistaken for Sally, and called a "she", or "her". so far...no lasting physcological damage...

    keep the name Stella, makes for a good story...

  2. We may giggle about this for days, weeks, months or even years to come. What a great story.

  3. lets be honest, you were probably going to get him/her snipped at some point... so really the end result is the same, a genderless pet that can be called he, she, it or Pat. Though technically if there are nipples and coconuts wouldn't your cat be a he/she? So really you can still call it a princess if you want!


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