The Mall

This may be a blog that many cannot relate to...maybe most.

However, I have just GOT to say how much I missed the mall! When growing up in Abbotsford I took advantage of the convenience of having a mall just a hop,skip and a jump away. I would just pop in to get a shirt for going out that night, or to go in and wander smelling the perfumes and trying on way-to-expensive clothes for the heck of it.

Saturday Whitney and I went to the mall to shop and treat her to a birthday gift.

As soon as we walked in the doors of the Bay I felt welcomed, warm and at home. How I missed this! The slightly cool air, the smell - does anyone else know what I mean? Department stores have a smell. To top it off, we were greeted by an assortment of lit Christmas trees and boughs!

We took the escalator down to the first level. As we rode down I saw rows of bedding, cozy sheets, quilt sets, the kitchen section with so many goodies just waiting to be brought home.

Then we got to my favourite department store section - cosmetics! I love the woman in the white coat at the Clinique counter, the lady with WAY to much make up on standing at Estee Lauder holding a bottle of flowery perfume to spray on the next lady walking by. The smell of the perfume/cologne counter is indescribable. Like I could just stand there, breathing it in and people watching all day. I walked around breathing it in, grazing my fingers along the counter top, peaking through the glass displays at what new scent Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang have to offer. The big baskets all done up for that special someone. The big, cheesy smiles of the sales reps just waiting to land a big sale.

Then we approach the M-A-C counter! The girls in their matching outfits, big funky hair and outrageous make up! I love the electric blue eyes with green sparkles, thick black eye liner and bright red lipstick. If only I could pull that off! For some reason, I think it suits M-A-C employees and runway models only. Their assortment of colours is astounding! The eye shadows sitting in neat rows exposing their palette of creatively named colours. Customers sitting upon high topped chairs getting their make up done and the busy employees bustling about getting a pigment for her, nail clippers for him and still managing to stop and tell you that this colour would totally suit my skin tone. I walked away with a lipstick for the upcoming season called Hot Tahiti. A perfect cranberry red that looks just fab with a gloss over top!

Then we hit the change rooms. It is so exhilarating to find that designer item for 40% off (still, to check the tag and find that 40% off makes it only a little less expensive and still waaaaay outta my budget!) Still, it is still so fun to pile my arms HIGH with clothes just to try them all on. Whitt and I had so much fun in the change rooms side by side saying things like "I am NOT coming out with this thing on!" and complimenting each other on something that is "just so you".

I guess there is a benefit of not living so close to a mall, I am saving money, and I appreciate it more when I do get to go!

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