the Family Stone

Tonight I hunkered down with a blanket, some popcorn and a glass of water to watch one of my favourite movies, the Family Stone. It is a feel-good movie about a quirkey family. The movie portrays the family as easy going, fun and loving. The mom has just been told she has breast cancer again, the son and his partner adopt a son and the brothers switch girlfriends. While watching it, it feels like you are part of their family. It has all the elements for laughter and to melt your hear. Plus, its a Christmas movie.

Here are some highlights:

Playing charades, Amy sets Meredith up for failure. Amy says that Meredith is racist because she is pointing at Patrick for "the Bride Wore Black"

The infamous scene where Meredith dumps the Stratta (an egg dish) all over herself, soon enough all three of them are in a puddle of egg!

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After horribly embarassing herself at the dinner table, Meredith attempts to escape. Only to rear end a brick wall. Ben comes to save her.

This is their cozy home, my dream home! I love it, its so perfect. The big wrap around porch, tall trees, its like its getting a giant hug. I love the wooden banisters, the textured wall paper. Its perfect.

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