I'm Gonna Be A Copy Cat!

Last night was the beginning of a new adventure.

I ordered a copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, and Simone Beck.

Take a wild guess at what I'm gonna do? Cook my way through it! I don't think as of yet I will give myself a deadline, as I don't want to risk any friendships, jobs or marriages in the process. (Just watch the movie, would ya?) This is #51 on my bucket list, so I am very excited to get started! I checked the status of the parcel today, it left Ontario and will be here in 4 to 6 business days! That means Friday, Monday or Tuesday!

Just like in the movie, I will be blogging my way through my experience. I cannot say that my cooking will always be great and I may not write as eloquently as Julie did in hers. However, I am doing this for me, to learn how to "Master the Art of French Cooking" and well, just cooking in general.

Now,as you may know,I have been known to be a BIT of a dreamer. You know, like I let my mind run away with the romance of things. Yeah, so this may be a bit of a challenge as I cook my first lobster, and some recipes in general go to pot. (Pun intended.)Just like in the movie, I may have a few breakdowns.

Here are some prayer requests as I begin this journey:
1) God bless the courier who delivers this book
2) God bless me, the cook, that I will not poisen any guests, and of course, my husband
3) God bless the grocers, who will most likely put up with "What is this?" "Where can I find it?"
4) May God protect our home, specifically the kitchen. God knows how much I am looking forward to this kitchen, I hope I don't burn it down in this mad attempt.
5) Last, but NOT least, God bless my husband. He will be putting up with food that doesn't turn out, food that may not taste like how these three women intended it to taste like, and fits of laughter and definitely be lots of tears (perhaps in the form of fits, collapsing to the floor and maybe throwing cooking utensils?) Bless his precious soul.

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  1. haha michelle, this is awesome - i will gladly test anything non-seafoody for you!! good luck, i'm already subscribed to follow your other blog too now - happy cooking!


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