6 Girls Around My Table

Last night there were 6 girls around my dining room table

Sitting at the end, I could look straight into the face of a beautiful girl
A girl I have known for what feels like forever
A girl that has blossomed into one of the most beautiful young women I know
A girl that I go on adventures with.
A girl that I cry with, and definately laugh with.

To my right sat my double.
Not in looks, in fact we look quite opposite.
She has a long sleek body, that any woman would envy.
Her long hair hits almost her waist, and her lips form a stunning smile.
You see, although we look different we share the same names.
Michelle Lynn and me, Michelle Lynne. Great moms think alike.
She has a kind and gentle heart, and we laugh at the same jokes.

Beside her sat a Southern Belle
Not the kind you are thinking, go a but further south.
Our dear Paraguan friend has a heart made of gold.
Edolbina is a pretty as her name sounds.
Everytime we are together we laugh.
Although I love the times we have those deep conversations.
Her insight astounds me, she is wise.

Angela sat on my right,in between was her cousin.
Sweet, sweet Angela has a way of looking past me
and right into the depths of my soul.
I think this is because they are so similar.
Angela is the one who knows what I am trying to say
when the words don't come out right.
We see things in the same light.
Our worlds sound like bluegrass and look like bluebelles and daisies.

Rachel, who sat to my right
I just met last night.
Though I do not know her well
she is dear, and any friend of Angela's
is a friend of mine.
Rachel, you are sweet and innocent
You are welcome at my table again, anytime

Last night there were 6 girls at my table, my heart sang.

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