Hello Friends and Family,

This afternoon I write with a content heart. It is Sunday afternoon and for a change Spencer and I are at home. I am in my pajamas reading, looking up new recipes and just hanging about while Spencer is playing Madden.

This is quite a change of pace for us. This summer has been so much fun! We have had a jam-packed schedule when we are not working that has kept us busy. This weekend was the most perfect way to close off the summer. We were camping with our dear friends, Kyle and Jalen, and had a relaxing time. It consisted of sleeping in, reading, sitting by the fire and visiting and cooking gourmet meals upon propane stoves. We went in the lake, took a nature walk and even napped for a couple of hours.

So it is with little sadness in my heart that I wave summer good bye. Oh, I know there are more hot days to come, potentially more camp fires and even another swim in the ocean or lake. However, my heart has now moved on to fall.

Football season starts in a 13 days. This means the beginning of cuddling under blankets,bums on cold bleachers, eventually warmer jackets and mittens and a warm drink.

Today on the drive home (Let me just add a Praise the Lord for the new Golden Ears bridge! It makes that trip much faster.) we were talking about the fall. We both agreed that we are looking forward to football season and getting back into the swing of youth and all that it entails. However we both agreed we need to take it down a notch, or maybe two. We cannot go at full force like we did this summer. We are looking forward to some Friday nights where we make popcorn and cuddle while watching a movie, or some Sunday afternoon naps, or waking up late on Saturday.

So Fall I welcome you and your slower pace of life with wide open arms!


  1. Make sure you save some of that cuddling for ME!!!

  2. let me in on that too!
    Also, that was a relaxing weekend... too bad about not having pillows...


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