Up Here With Them

This morning I woke up to the smell of wood, the sounds of laughter coming from beyond the bedroom door, the sound of the coffee maker and the beautiful sight of the green mountains, almost reachable, through the bedroom windows.

Is there anything better then waking up and realizing you are in the haven of a home, on a mountain, with loved ones there with you, awaiting your departure from the room to greet you with a genuine "Good Morning"?

I slowly woke up, not concerned with the time, taking in the sounds, the smells, and stretched my limbs to all four corners of the bed. I sat up, taking in the sight and calling for a reality check that yes, I did indeed wake up to this. I fumbled to the bathroom, turned on all the shower heads (yes, that would be all 6 {four body heads two shower heads]) and took a nice hot shower.

After dressing (always a good idea when there are more people then Spencer and I), I came out to see almost everybody sitting on the couch reading, journaling or just sitting. What a feeling to get up and see those beautiful faces! The others were sleeping, but knowing we were all together under one roof was a good feeling.

Right now Angela and Edol are in the kitchen making us a big breakfast. Mmm, I don't know what is on the menu but it already smells good!

We were planning on going for a hike today. Taking the chair lift up to Top of the World, then hiking a few kilometers to a lake Tyler found and fishing and reading and laughing. (And probably some form of organized activity, thanks to Ty and Ked!)It is raining now, so it may be delayed. Which would be sad.

Tonight I am going to make a big spaghetti dinner and Michelle (not me, our friend Michelle B) and Keddi-Anne are going to make dessert! Then play games, and maybe go to a Pirate themed party at the local pub - who knows!

It is just so good to be here, and we miss all those who couldn't come, and all those who I would love to be here - if you are reading this, then that would be you. A nice relaxing weekend before the chaos of campers, skit night, tubing, wide games and all the fun camp offers!

How are you enjoying your weekend?!

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