First Day at the Beach

This is where the first burn of the summer began. Wanna fry an egg on my back? Spencer got it bad too..I am not a firm believer in SPF 30
Andrew being protected from the sun
Throwing the ball around
Beach Bums!

The second last weekend of May was a scorcher! I must say I am welcoming the warm weather with wide open arms! I LOVE the summer and all that comes with it. We took advantage of it by packing a picnic and heading to our local beach (I feel so blessed to live a 2 minute drive away from a gorgeous beach.) We spent the afternoon eating summer fruit, passing a ball, walking while the tide was WAY out, playing cards, reading magazines and collecting sand dollars (16 and that was putting some back!). What a day, I must say the burn was worth this great day with friends.

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