Spring Fling 2009

The beautiful table centerpieces.
The youth played a fun game called Mennonite Dancing. They loved it and had so much fun.
Brighid taking her stance.
Some of the women who visit the Great Room in downtown East Vancouver did photography projects that were sold at a function to raise money. This is one of the projects.

To welcome spring, some of the youth put together a spring formal (same day as the beach outting.) So I slid a dress over my red back and headed off in heels to the spring formal. (I received many pity glances). The girls looked beautiful and the guys looked handsome. The entertainment was great and the food was delish. All proceeds from tickets sold went to support the Great Room, the total was over $300!

Side Note: One of our youth in Grade 10 had to do a project with some classmates. They had to pick a charity and pitch it to a panel on why they think this particular charity deserves $5000. Well, Ally's team chose the Great Room (through the Linwood House Ministries) and they won!!! The highschool presented one of those really cool giant cheques to Ally and her team. The Great Room is a safe haven for women in the downtown east end. It is not a place to sleep or receive free food and clothing. It is simply a place to rest and rejuvinate. It has been very successful and the women and their husbands who run have a beautiful heart for these women. They have been building lasting and effective relationships. The building that they were in became dangerous and they had to move. They found a building to use, however in order for them to actually use they had to perform renovations as it was deemed too dangerous. A gentlemen who is an architect and teaches at BCIT decided to take his class and make it their project to design the new Great Room. Many people have stepped up to volunteer with their professional ablities and grunt work. This donation will make a significant step forward in their progress of the new Great Room!!!

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