The Amazing Works of Technology

So I am not exactly computer savvy, I would even venture to say that this whole "blog thing" is a big step for me. I know I grew up in the generation of computers, however I seem to have been daydreaming during that class. I can do the minimum words per minute, use basic Word Processing, get on the internet and look around, update my Facebook status and create a blog. Now to some of you, that may seem like a lot, but chances are if you are on the computer reading this in the first place, you have more knowledge in computers then I do, and most likely technology in general.

A short while ago I discovered the art of picture editing. At first I dabbled, then I explored and I came across great things. Not that I am thinking of changing professions, but I have found an EXTREME satisfaction in making myself look 10 (okay, maybe 15) pounds thinner in pictures and those around me a pound or two heavier...just in the arms and midsection. Is that really so bad?! Haha, okay, usually I hit "undo" (on the ones of my friends, not of me, I like to keep myself in the dream world).

There are many other fun things you can do, like turning the photo into a stained glass window, a pencil sketch, or make it look like it was taken in the 60's. You can antique, blur it and make it look like a neon sign. Cool, huh? Here are some of the pictures I have altered.

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