Rescue the Invisble Children

Spencer and I waiting patiently (?) to be rescued
Our abduction site
The girl holding this Joseph Kony sign on the right with the boy in the blue jacket are two kids from our youth.

Waiting to be rescued. L to R: Natalie, Kaity, Allison and Jessica
The organization Invisible Children that our youth has been working with set up an event in almost every major city in different countries around the world. People would march from one area to another and set up a "camp" that would resemble and LRA camp where these children live and are abducted from. The idea was to be "rescued" from the media or a political person in our city. It could have also been an athlete (such as one of the Canucks) or a famous person. It is to raise awareness of the Child Soldiers that are abducted by Joseph Kony and his army (the LRA).

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