Cali : the Rides

This one is the Tower of Terror in the Hollywood Tower Hotel. We don't LOOK scared, but we are.
Getting SOAKED at the Grizzly River Run
Waiting in line - this one had a bit of a wait on a hot day
This is what the tubes looked like - giant intertubes that seat 8 people.

Remember this one Matt? Its called Mickey's Fun Wheel. We nicknamed it Mickey's Wheel From Hell. Its got these karts that swing back and forth, enlarge the picture by clicking on it to see what I mean.
Space Mountain - a fast rollercoaster in the dark, what could be better?

The Mad Hatter Tea Cups...puke.
Dumbo Ride!
The Matterhorn - a Disney classic. You don't scream because the Yeti's scare you, you scream because the ride is so old you think you are going to fly off the tracks!
Splash Mountain in Critter Country - another Disney Classic
...I sat in the front and got wet... Denim does not dry quickly
This ride is called Screamin' California. Can you tell by my picture that the name is appropriate?

Jungle Cruise...one of the first rides in Disneyland.

Tarzan's Treehouse...formally known as the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Dave and Spencer did not approve of the switch.
This is another attempt at the Tower of Terror, we look more afraid this time.

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