Cali: Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen opted for an extra song performed by Kelly Clarkson, instead of dancing in the aisles. We were disappointed, but I still got the shirt. It was either this one , or one that said "My tweets are real". (Re: Twitter)
This was us congratulating the girl who won the $25,000 trip to Tahiti.
On the WB lot, where they have filmed shows such as Friends, Gilmore Girls and Two and A Half Men

On Wednesday May 13 the four of us drove to Burbank to be in the audience of the Ellen Degeneres Show (which is an awesome talk show) . The show aired the next day and you could see Spencer a bunch of times and the rest of us a few times. It was really cool to see her, she is so funny. Her wife (also famous) Portia DeRossi and Kelly Clarkson was a guest.

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