McLaren/Rippel Family Christmas

Matt - are you trying to avoid the present game?!
Kyle reads us an email for Auntie Jill , from Northern BC in Tumbleridge, who was unable to make it.
Grandpa enjoys sitting and watching the festivities and action.
Spencer giving Matt advise on being engaged. (Needless to say I didn't stick around for THAT conversation.)
Waiting for their numbers to be called to steal presents!
Linden sat in this chair and waited so patiently for her turn to open a present. 
Linden loved helping everyone open presents. She would say "Well, its just easier for you if I do it."
again, its just easier for Linden to do it.
Matt will still find a way to tease his big sister, even through mirrors across the room.
Kyle playing with Barbie's. Okay "helping" Linden put its dress back on.
Uncle Ted (my brother's older twin!) being Uncle Ted. Can't take a serious picture. If you know my brother, you know Uncle Ted. Their looks, mannerisms, voice and humour are the same. Its almost creepy. My mom often calls my brother Ted by mistake.
My mom and Auntie Patty are two peas in a pod. They have so much fun together and often have shopping adventures. They look like sisters, but my Auntie Patty is actually married to my mom's brother.
My Maternal Grandma and Great Grandma.
This is my cousin Connor. He just opened the present I brought, a nice bracelet and necklace set. That is why he is laughing so hard.
Linden doing a fantastic job at collecting the garbage.
Again, helping unwrap the present. It really is just easier.

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