Jalen and Kyle's Engagement Party

Our dear friend Whitney was abducted by her husband Dave to Caronport, Sask. Okay, maybe he didn't abduct her - she willingly went. We all miss her dearly, so when she does come home we are taken over by excitement and do wierd things like talk into bananas.
Meet us THREE ladies under the mistletoe... or holly.
Jenny-Lynn, Whitt and Mackenzie. They are crazy girls taking pictures in the cold and snow.
I was so excited to see her, my aim was a little thrown off.
And the boys reunited again - the re-charge their masculinity by smoking cigars together. 
And Jalen joins them , lighting her cigarello with a torchblower (BBQ lighter). Classy bride-to-be
Bonnie poses by the fireplace. There was another picture that was a bit more posed, but I liked this one better.

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