Invisble Children

This is the band, with most of our youth band members. A very talented bunch.

This is the presentation board that Paul put together for our bake sale. It has information about Invisible Children, as well as pictures of the kids.

Invisible Children is a non-profit organization that helps children in Northern Uganda. The longest running war in Africa is very present there. There is a rebel group called the L.R.A. (Lord's Resistance Army) that has forced the Sudanese people into refugee camps called I.D.P (Internally Displaced) camps. There an awful brutality is occuring, and has occured, for over 20 years. Men and women and beaten, raped and treated horrifically. Children are abducted and taken into the bushes (the dessert) and are exposed to grotesque and bloody things that brain wash them. Then they give them guns and make them child soldiers. It is awful, and there is nothing these people can do. If they rebel, or are caught speaking against the L.R.A., they will be killed.
Some of the people who volunteer for this organization came to our youth to speak to us about what is going on there. Our youth and staff were moved by the stories we heard. Paul (our youth coordinator) challenged our kids to raise money to send to them. He said that the church would match whatever we raised up to $5,000! WOW! The kids jumped on board and power-fund raised lots of money. Involving families, the church, and the community. We had bottle drives, bake sales, and a benefit conert which we played songs and showed most of the "Invisble Children" documentary.
Today in the church bulletin they announced that as of De. 7th we raised about $3,800! And I know for a fact there more has been pouring in this last week! I feel confident that we will reach $5,000 - which means we could send $10,000 to Northern Uganda!
Please visit http://www.invisiblechildren.com/ for more information. If you wish to contribute to our fund to send them, please contact me via email at spence_mich@yahoo.ca
P.S. I am not frustrated anymore as I realized the source of my blogging anxiety! I didn't realize it, but I was trying to uplaod a video as a picture! oops :S

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