Extreme Frustration

So for some reason the Blogger won't let me upload pictures. This is soooo frustrating because I have so much to update! My most sincere aplogies.

Sometimes when I blog, I become discouraged. I love reading other peoples blogs, even of people I don't know, and they are so good. Their photos are good, their lay outs are amazing, the just have that knack. One of my favourites is Lisa Leonard's. Check out her "It's the Little Things" blog, and you will see what I mean. http://lisaleonardonline.com/blog/

Today I went swimming, did some laundry, wrapped some more presents and made some soup. It is a hearty recipe. I froze the rest and I plan to bring it up to Sunpeaks when we go at Christmas. It would make a good lunch after a morning of skiing for the family.

Here's what's in it:

some butter and garlic in the bottom of the pot
diced onion and celery. sautee these with the butter and garlic
Add the groud beef, your typical small package (1lb. ish) is enough.
brown the beef.
next add 2 cans of tomato soup, 2 cans (about) water, 2 cartons of beef broth.
bring to a boil and add shredded carrots and shredded potato (about 2 cups of each).
I also added peas, try corn too if you want.
Then I added some salt and pepper , thyme and some parsley.
add about 3/4 cup of pearl barley.
let simmer until ready!

One thing I have noticed this Christmas season driving around with the participants I work with. We were driving around listening and singing to Christmas music, when I began to look at those who were hustling and bustling about this Christmas season. Not ONE single person was smiling! Not one! I hope that this season is bringing you heaps of joy, not the stress it seems to bring.

well, i am off to vent my blogging frustration on some laundry folding. (don't look in my drawers when I am done!)

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