Sun Peaks Escape

These two pictures are on the drive home. The leaves are changing colour and it looks so beautiful! I also loved the look of the bare trees against thet slick rock and blue sky. They are all kind of a contrast.
The reddish trees amongst the green ones are the ones that have been effected by the Pine Beetle. There are huge patches of these trees on the drive.
This is one of the horses at the Transfer Station (at Sun Peaks) that I visited while Spencer dropped off the trash.What a good morning - my pink rod (the Pink Lady), Roger's Chocolate, and a gooooood book.
Spencer fishing. Such a clear day, quite chilly though. Fall is here!
These were some of the canoes that were tied up on the dock. I thought they were neat because they looked charming and rustic.

The beautiful clear day.
Are there ANY fish in McGilvary Lake?!
Some more Pine Beetle trees along the lake shore.
Diligent hands. Tying my hook onto my rod. :D He loves me.
Spencer and I took a weekend to spend some time alone to get away from the busyness that fall brings. It was so nice to be somewhere quiet, away from the phones, computers and the chores and duties of home. The weather was great, and we had nothing but time. So relaxing, we even caught another mouse... he kinda cute in a wierd way. I ALMOST felt bad.

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