A Day Off

Today I was given the day off. What a treat! I was able to wake up without an alarm, be in my PJ's all morning, and get lots of housework done and take my time. It is nice to be able to lay low, get everything done, and some extra things too! It was such an enjoyable day, Spencer was working at home for the afternoon, and then we ate a yummy dinner together.

This morning I got to watch my favourite show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show. This particular guest is a hardcore Phillies fan. Her boyfriend wrote a letter to Ellen, and she surprised them with tickets to the World Series! She had her camera crew with them at the game, and then today gave them a pair of tickets to the opening game next season!
This was one of the extra things I got to do today. This frame was a wedding gift, after much thought and time picking the pictures to go in, I finally hung it up! The sign beside it says "Faith, Family & Friends". I think this is very appropriate to welcome people as they come into our home, as these three things are essential to the two of us!
This is some of what Spencer has been doing here. This is the shed in our backyard that will soon be totally down! The roof is off and some of the siding. The floor joists and siding will be off by the end of this week. It is all starting to happen! So exciting!

Some more of what I got to do today. This is a new Banana Chip recipe I tried out. Spencer approves!

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