Bonnie's Birthday Party/Whitney's Home!

The two halves of the brain are back together. Fewf! Time to recharge our batteries.
I know it doesn't LOOK like fun, but it was!
This one I was being sneaky and I took of their reflection in the mirror!
Goody bags!
This is my present to Bonnie. Funky letters that spelled her name.
Bonnie was desperate for guests, she had to have manequins! Hahaha. (Look at what they say. They are self-esteem boosting friends.)

*sigh of relief here* Whitney is home... it felt so good to be back together again. It was back to normal, her making me laugh my head off and talking about our hilarious husbands (who are also VERY much alike.) It felt like a breath of fresh air.
One of the nights she was here we went to our friend Bonnie's birthday party. We got dressed up and went out for a Friday night.
Now I am counting down the days before I get to go and stay with her and Dave(19).

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