An Overwhelming Kitchen!

Let me just start by saying that dishes are my number one most hated chore. When the girls were here Sat afternoon to Sunday afternoon I didn't clean one dish. I wanted to invest all my time to having FUN with them. So when they left Sunday at 2, I walked into the kitchen to a big pile of dishes. BLECH! I rinsed them all and stacked them on the counter and felt overwhelmed. I was laughing so hard at the site I just had to take a picture. Why didn't I just wash them as I went? Because I am a master procrastinator.Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who flew in to save the day, and in no time at all we had them all done!

It doesn't look that bad does it? I am sure the seasoned mom's out there are chuckling at the new inexperienced housewife.
Ah! That feels better! Nice and clean! Clean sinks...clean counter... clean, clean,clean!
Some wisdom from a Starbucks cup. Nice reminder throughout the day..."You can't lead the people of you don't love the people. You can't save the people, if you don't serve the people."
Angela brought us fresh plums from her tree! Always nice to have home picked fruit in the kitchen from dear friends!

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