Cosmic Bowling and Girls Visiting

Playing cards at the pub beside the bowling alley, waiting for an available lane!
We made up a bowling alias. Our new name had to begin with the same letter as our real name. Jessi - Jimmy Coop Michelle - Maniac Angela - Allstar. Also, these were our final scores. Can you tell I don't have a competitive bone in my body?

Later on we went for a hot tub at Howard and Diane's. Spencer opened up ALL the cupboards in the WHOLE ktichen to try and drive me crazy. After I went to close them all, Ange was following behind me opening them all up again!

It always brings me joy to have visitors! This past Saturday my two good friends came to spend the night with us. We had so much fun goofing around. It is so refreshing to have good friends in my presence who I can just be silly with. We had lots of fun!

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