The Griswold's Go to Manning!

Mom gets put in the back seat. Too much energy too early in the morning!
These are the ground squirrels that infested the Manning Park area.
The classic bocce ball game. It's gotta happen at any family gathering.
Fishing! Doesn't he look like someone from a Mark Twain book?
Spencer and I getting into it.

For Dad's birthday (August 9th) we headed up to Manning Park (Lightening Lakes) to fish. The weather managed to hold out for us somewhat but I don't think Dad has ever experienced such cold weather on his birthday! The reason I titled it "The Griswold's Go to Manning" is because Matt always teases Mom saying "This is such a gong show! We really are the Griswold's!" Even if it's true, we have so much fun!
We went up in the morning, ate lunch at the lodge and played bocce. It was a really fun day to honor Dad!

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